Why get marrried in Paradise

We can’t think of many reasons not to… these are some of the most exquisite, romantic places on Earth, after all! But it is important to give these big occasions a lot of thought, so
here are some of the top reasons we would choose to get married in paradise (or engaged, or renew your vows!) – and in particular, in the Maldives or Mexico.

The Perfect Setting
Is anywhere else this perfect? We doubt it.
When you get married in the Maldives or Mexico, your entire experience will have the most beautiful backdrop you can imagine. Just think of the emotions and the memories that will conjure up, not to mention the wedding album!

Endless Romance
Most weddings and proposals last a day, or maybe a weekend. There’s a big surprise, or a ceremony and party – which is awesome, don’t get us wrong – but then you go straight back to the real world or have to spend hours travelling to your honeymoon destination.

Getting married in the spectacular resorts of Maldives or Mexico means you’re immersed in romance for a full week or two (even longer if you like!) for long-lasting magic.

No Stress
Organising a wedding or proposal can be tense and time-consuming. Our partner resorts take care of all the details so you can relax and feel the love – no bridezilla moments, annoying interruptions, or botched surprises with a Maldives wedding or Mexico proposal.

There’s an incredible range of engagement, wedding, and honeymoon packages available, so we’re sure you’ll find a resort and plan to fall in love with.

No Crowds
Crowd sizes and venues are a little limited these days, and changes are hard to predict. Ditch the pressure of who to include, forget the random relatives you haven’t seen since Christmas 2013, and keep the ceremony intimate.

Of course you can invite the special people along – and there’s plenty for them to do while you and your love enjoy quality time and romantic escapes just for the two of you. The perfect balance!

Secrets Are Safe
If you’re planning a surprise proposal, you’ve come to the right place. Your love will enjoy a wonderful holiday and won’t suspect a thing until the big moment!
Your resort will arrange everything and help you create an extra-special experience without giving anything away. They do this a lot, and they’re experts.

Food, Glorious Food
Choosing a wedding caterer can be a long process, but with a wedding at one of our carefully selected resorts, you have automatic access to world-class chefs – whether it’s for a party of 2 or 200. The cuisine at these resorts is magnificent, and the perfect accompaniment to your special day.

Fly Direct
For such exotic destinations, Maldives and Mexico are now so easy to get to, thanks to our direct charter flights. Sip champagne and count stamps on your passport as you jet off to the most romantic experience of your life.

So Many Moments
You’ll never be short of romantic experiences. Swimming with dolphins or whale sharks, snorkelling and jet-skiing from a secluded sand bank, a private dinner on the beach, or a night under the stars in a luxury bubble are just a few of the romantic experiences on offer. You’ll have your choice of unforgettable moments every single day.

A plan to suit every budget
We have spent years researching and building relationships with top resorts, and made sure there’s something for everyone. From beautiful simplicity to grand luxury, we’ll help you find a resort and package that you and your budget will love.
With the amazing deals currently available, having friends and family join you doesn’t have to cost the earth either.

You can do it on a boat…
Getting married on the beach is a favourite, but there are no rules to say you have to.
Want to say “I do” barefoot on a deserted island, or on a yacht out at sea?
Imagining a gorgeous, private, outdoor venue with all the trimmings?
How about an underwater haven, with bright coral and sea creatures looking on?
Consider it done!

Choose the setting and ceremony that matches your personalities and expresses your love.
You can also choose to make your ceremony totally traditional, breathtakingly bohemian, or any other style your heart desires.
Want to find the perfect spot for your perfect romance?
Take a look at our carefully selected partner resorts and packages.